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Hemorrhoids are a treatable condition

Updated: Apr 24

In fact, the cushions we call hemorrhoids are a part of all of our bodies since birth...

Like many parts of our body, hemorrhoid cushions can also get sick. There doesn't have to be a reason for this to happen, such as you making a mistake or not taking care of yourself. Over time, these cushions can expand and cause uncomfortable consequences such as bleeding.

Hemorrhoids disease can be completely treated with medication and minor procedures.

We quickly examine our patients, especially those who complain of bleeding after going to the toilet or feeling a small lump with their hand. If the problem is related to hemorrhoid cushions, its treatment is possible and not as difficult as it seems. An experienced general surgeon can save you from these troubles by providing the best treatment.

Hemorrhoids can best be treated by an experienced general surgeon.

Don't waste your time

If you have a complaint such as bleeding, itching or pain during or after the toilet; or if you notice a bulge in the anus that bothers you, our most important suggestion is to get examined without delay. You can make an appointment with a general surgery specialist immediately.

Hemorrhoid disease will usually progress if neglected. As the stage of the disease progresses, complaints may increase and affect your daily life.

It's a disease, don't be shy

Unfortunately, people with hemorrhoids disease refrain from being examined and therefore treated, causing many people to continue to experience unnecessary distress. Many of our patients choose to ignore or hide their problems, which can cause the disease to progress further. However, hemorrhoid examination is an examination method that has absolutely no harm.

Hemorrhoids are treated with medication in early stages

We treat our patients, who are examined as soon as the complaints begin and whose hemorrhoid disease is still in the early stages, with medication and various diet and lifestyle recommendations. In our patients with hemorrhoid disease beyond a certain stage, we treat them in the best way possible with minor surgical procedures.

If you have a complaint similar to those mentioned above, we recommend that you see a general surgeon who is experienced and good in his field. After the first examination, it can be easily decided whether you have a disease and whether any treatment is required.

In Muğla, in Dr. Kayılıoğlu's clinic, hemorrhoids are examined and appropriate treatments are applied. The procedures of patients requiring surgery for treatment are completed entirely in the clinic and the patients can go home on the same day. To make an appointment, you can call 0 532 349 8119 or 0 252 999 0348. You can follow this address for online consultancy.

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