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Breast Health is Important... Aesthetics too, of course!

Breasts, is a very important part of women of all ages, both visually, sexually and as a motherly part. The importance of the breast, which has become a symbol of femininity by being loaded with many meanings with adolescence, in terms of health should not be ignored.

From a young age, various complaints such as breast pain, breast stiffness, and nipple discharge may occur. In addition, important and sacred changes occur in the breast with pregnancy and birth, and different complaints and different diseases may occur in this process.

Breast Cancer

Among breast diseases, breast cancer is the most important considering its frequency, effects and results. When we look at the lifetime statistics, breast cancer happens to one of every 8 women in the world. Especially after the age of 40, the risk of encountering breast cancer increases gradually. Unfortunately, medicine has managed to reach a very promising point in the fight against this very common disease. Surgery, drugs and radiation (radiotherapy) treatments are routinely used in the treatment of breast cancer. A good surgery, supported by other treatment methods, is the most effective treatment in an early detected breast cancer and can be life-saving. We usually get satisfactory results in early detected and well-treated breast cancers.

Breast Cancer Surgery

In the treatment of breast cancer, surgery of the breast and ipsilateral axillary lymph nodes is performed. Breast surgery can be done in two ways. The first of these is the removal of the entire breast, and the second is the removal of only the diseased part of the breast. We call this second surgical method “Breast Conserving Surgery”.

Breast Conserving Surgery is as effective a treatment as removing the entire breast when performed on appropriate patients. In this technique, some of the intact breast tissue around the tumor is removed along with the tumor, and then patients are definitely directed to receive radiation (radiotherapy) treatment. Unfortunately, breast-conserving surgery cannot be performed in cases where the tumor size is larger than the breast structure, the patient cannot receive radiation therapy, there is a widespread disease in the breast, some genetic diseases and inflammatory breast cancer. However, apart from these cases, breast-conserving surgery is a safe and effective treatment method.

The most important advantage of breast-conserving surgery is that the breast remains in a cosmetically satisfactory shape and size. This situation, which is very important for women of all ages, should not be ignored.

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Today, breast conserving surgery is performed by combining the principles of plastic surgery and this is called Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. As a result of breast cancer surgeries performed with oncoplastic techniques, patients have a breast that is smaller than before the surgery, but has a smooth shape and structure, as if breast reduction surgery was performed for aesthetic purposes. In short, breast reduction surgery is performed to remove the tumor in the breast. In this way, the breast image, which is very important for women, is preserved. Symmetry can be achieved by performing reduction surgery for the opposite breast in patients who wish.

It is possible to preserve the shape of the breast with the help of a silicone breast prosthesis in the same session, provided that the appropriate patient selection is made in patients who have undergone the surgery of removing the entire breast (mastectomy).

Other Diseases of the Breast

A variety of symptoms can occur in benign disorders of the breast tissue "other than cancer". These symptoms can impair quality of life from time to time. Therefore, treatment of the related disorder may be necessary. Another important issue is that these symptoms may be associated with breast cancer. Therefore, complaints about the breast should be taken seriously by women of all ages.

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