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Anatomical Model

Areas of expertise

Related Complaints

Stomach ache


Heartburn, Reflux

Nausea - Vomiting

Defecation problems



Breast follow-up and breast mass

Pain, soreness, burning in the anus

Weight loss

Chronic wound, burn

Metabolic Syndrome

Areas of Expertise

Tests and Minor Interventions

Endoscopy (Gastroscopy - Colonoscopy)

Endoscopic injections (btx) and intragastric balloon applications

Lipoma, sebaceous cyst removal

Mole (nevus) removal

Body composition analysis

Laser applications in hemorrhoids and fistula

Injections (Btx)

Pilonidal sinus interventions, phenol


Bariatric and metabolic surgery (Obesity surgeries)

Laparoscopic hernia and gallbladder surgeries

Breast surgeries (mass, breast cancer, oncoplastic surgery)

Thyroid (Goiter) surgeries

Laparoscopic stomach surgeries (reflux, obstruction, cancer)

Laparoscopic colon and rectum surgeries 

Proctology surgeries (Laser hemorrhoids, anal fissure, fistula) Pilonidal sinus

Liver and pancreatic surgeries (cysts, masses and cancers)

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